Oleamea is now available at Butcher Boy Market

Oleamea is now available at Butcher Boy Market

Great News!

After a successful tasting event couple weeks ago on Saturday, our 500 ml Soğukoluk Edition is now available at Butcher Boy Market in North Andover, MA. During our tasting event, we met with new customers, exchanged some ideas and shared our award winning organic extra virgin olive oil with new faces. The feedback we received was beyond our wildest dreams. Though we know our products are the best, getting approval from so many new customers meant more than winning an award and validated the quality of our products once again. We received compliments not only on the quality of them but also on the bottle design. 

We are very thankful for this moment and hoping to meet with you more in different locations to share our organic extra virgin olive oils. We cannot wait for the new opportunities.

With our best regards,


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