Award Winning Taste & Quality

International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition. Gold, 2021 Olive Japan
International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition Silver 2021, Olive Japan
Gold Fairplex Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil packaging design competition 2020
Gold Medal 2020 EVO 100C

A Celebration Of Turkish Life

OLEAMEA Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils are sustainably made in Turkey, relying on the traditions of the land and the artisanship of the local masters, to create an unparalleled yet accessible product that is at the forefront of a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle.

(to your health!)

“Growing up in the Mediterranean culture, we wanted to treasure every bit of its healthy and well-balanced lifestyle by creating organic, unparalleled yet accessible products. We cannot wait for you and your loved ones to experience this tradition and share in our celebration by joining OLEAMEA.”

The Perfect Pairing For All Your Meals

An incredible tasting, sustainably sourced and healthy Extra Virgin Olive Oil that can be experienced by everyone at every meal. With OLEAMEA, there is no wrong way to Extra Virgin Olive Oil!



Our oils are made from 100% early-harvest, organic Turkish olives.
We are committed to building strong, lasting relationships with our farmers through education and support.
Our bottles are 100% recyclable and specially developed using dark UV-resistant glass and a unique nitrogen sealing process.

A Brighter World

Our company was founded on giving back, and we are proud to partner with The Conscious Kid, an organization dedicated to promoting positive racial identity development in youth.