Lessening Our Carbon Footprint

We strive to bring your family the highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils while protecting and restoring the earth. We are excited to say that our entire facility, including production, is running on solar energy. Another big step in our commitment to sustainability.

Regenerative Organic Agriculture

In 2019, we invested in building a new production facility that brings regenerative agriculture to the forefront of our production methods. We are proud to have developed a modern system that not only maintains traditional methods, but reduces our carbon footprint and ensures that every bottle of our cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil is sourced with traceable, organic ingredients that never use harmful pesticides or additives.

Environmentally Better Bottles

Exposure to light and oxygen can cause olive oil to go bad and become rancid, even in a bottle. Our bottles are 100% recyclable and are specially developed using dark UV-resistant glass and a unique nitrogen sealing process which preserve a higher than usual antioxidant level and polyphenol count.

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