Breakfast Toast Ideas with OLEAMEA Extra Virgin Olive Oils


We have been big fans of Zeynep Dinc of for a very long time. When we finally reached out to her, not only we found out how talented she is but also how kind she is. She is the queen of #toasttuesday, food stylist and photographer, editor with @thefeedfeed and writer at @lezzet_dergisi (one of the top food magazines in Turkey). If you are not following her page already, you are missing a lot (so please do yourself a favor and follow her now.)

Sharing some of her toast magic highlighting OLEAMEA Private Select for #toasttuesday.

Sourdough rye toasts topped with creamy whipped labneh spread, soft boiled eggs, avocado slices (with OLEAMEA Private Select, sea salt & lemon), nigella & sesame seeds, chili flakes & fresh thyme.
Sourdough rye toasts with labneh spread, grilled halloumi slices with OLEAMEA Private Select, fresh herbs, apple slices with lemon & honey, chia seeds & crunchy nuts.
Black olive paste & herby fried egg toasts with sesame & nigella seeds, red pepper flakes, fresh thyme & OLEAMEA Private Select.
Sourdough toast with garlicky yogurt spread, sautéed spinach with OLEAMEA Private Select, soft boiled eggs, sea salt flakes, spices & fresh herbs.