Award Winning Taste & Quality

World Olive Oil Gold Award NYIOOC 2020 Competition
Silver Fairplex Los Angeles International Extra Olive Oil Competition 2020
Gold Fairplex Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil packaging design competition 2020
Gold Medal 2020 EVO 100C

Early Harvest Turkish Olives

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oils are made from 100% organic Memecik olives - a specific medium intensity variety that thrives in the Turkish climate where local farmers have cultivated them for generations. Compared with other varieties, our olives have some of the highest polyphenol and oleic acid values, making them an incredible natural source of antioxidants to help boost your overall health and promote longevity.

From Tree To Table

Because the olive trees grow on the mountainside, modern machinery can’t reach them, so the olives are still hand-harvested by local farmers and cold-pressed into our Extra Virgin Olive Oil within two to four hours of leaving the tree. Ensuring the highest nutritional value and an unadulterated taste. You can’t get much more tree to table than that!

A Cornerstone Of Healthy Living

Good Fats

A natural source of good fats to increase energy, improve brain health, and better absorb the vitamins and minerals in your food.


High in powerhouse polyphenols which have been shown to reduce inflammation, support the immune system and lower the risk of chronic disease.

Beauty Food

A beauty-boosting food rich in essential vitamins that promote healthy, glowing skin and hair.

Love Your Extra Virgin Olive Oil

If you are not in love with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you have never had the good stuff! And trust us, there is a lot of questionable Extra Virgin Olive Oil out there - altered with chemicals or blended with lesser-quality oils to mask defects. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is never refined or processed, so you can always trust it to maintain the incredible anti-inflammatory properties that have made the golden elixir a healthy staple in the Mediterranean diet for centuries.

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