A Note From Our Founder

For generations, my family has been producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the southwest region of Turkey. To the locals there, Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a strong cultural significance. It’s a way a life, and they have spent thousands of years cultivating and crafting some of the most exceptional products in the world that use traditional agricultural methods and infuse the robust Mediterranean flavors of the region. My brother and I grew up practically swimming in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It was meaningfully woven into our everyday life, and as we got older, we became passionately involved in every step of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil crafting process - from cultivation to harvesting, milling to bottling. We take deep pride in protecting the incredible olive orchards which have not only given life to our product for centuries, but have helped the local farming communities thrive.

We are excited to share our passion and heritage with the rest of the world, by delivering an incredible tasting, sustainably sourced and healthy Extra Virgin Olive Oil that everyone can experience. To my family, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not just a product, it is a tradition and a celebration.

People always ask me how much Extra Virgin Olive Oil I use. My family goes through more than a bottle a week! And once you have experienced our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we have a feeling you will do the same.

Signed by Merve Aydın Doran
Merve Aydın Doran

Tradition & Transparency

We won’t serve our Extra Virgin Olive Oil to your family, unless we trust it enough to serve it to ours. And we serve a lot of Extra Virgin Olive Oil! Tradition and transparency are at the heart of all that we do. Before our Extra Virgin Olive Oil ever sautées in your pan or drizzles on your plate, every step of the process is carefully maintained to ensure the highest quality product with the greatest social responsibility.

Supporting Local Farmers

We take pride in not only supporting the traditional agricultural practices of the land, but investing in them to improve the lives of the local Turkish communities through education and support. Every step of our production method is developed to maintain the integrity of the product while protecting the environment and lessening our carbon footprint.

Giving Back

We are proud to partner with The Conscious Kid, an organization dedicated to promoting positive racial identity development in youth. A percentage of all sales goes directly to support organizations, families and educators in taking action to disrupt racism in young children.

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