At Oleamea, we select exceptional Memecik variety olives from the southwest part of Turkey. The Memecik olive tree grows largely on hilly terrain rich in slate, up to an altitude of just under 2000 feet (600 meters.) It is well adopted to the region’s limited rainfall, and does not need much water, which results in the formation of a wide root system that enables the transfer of important nutrients from the soil to the olive fruit.

We control all aspects of the process: from cultivation to milling, storage, packaging and selling our award-winning Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils. This allows you to know when the olives in your bottle were harvested, milled and bottled and the values of their chemical constituency. We pride ourselves in bringing you the freshest olive oil possible, bottling our oil in state-of-the-art nitrogen sealed dark glass bottles to preserve extremely high antioxidants levels and polyphenol count. Our gift to you—organic extra virgin olive oil that is traceable every step of the way, from an orchard that employs artisanal methods from an olive oil master and is transparent at every stage.