Holiday Charcuterie Board

This Holiday Season, we wanted to create Charcuterie Board of our own, included our very own Private Select Edition. You bet, with this well balanced board, you will sure to impress your guests and your own self. Make sure to post online and tag us. Ingredients: 1. Big cheese board and some cheese knives are must. Depending on your other ingredients, you may need some bowls as well. 2. Grab your favorite cheese and meat, crackers, olives, veggies, fruits and nuts. Make sure you choose different colors, such as carrots, tomatoes, grapes, etc. 3. Dried fruits like Turkish Figs, Dates and Dried...

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Homemade Turkish Lahmacun

One of the staples of Turkish Cuisine. We call this Lahmacun (pronounce Lahmajoun), super thin, crispy, no yeast pizza topped with mix of ground beef, tomato, some herbs and spices. It’s perfect alternative to pizza if you are up for something different. Try it with our Oleamea EVOOs. Enjoy it. Serving Size: 8-10 Ingredients: For the Dough: * 300 gr of all-purpose flour * 300 ml water * 1 tsp salt   For the Topping * 9 oz ground beef * 1 yellow onion (finely grated) * 1 tsp salt * 1 sweet red pepper, cored, cut into chunks *...

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