The perfect bundle for your kitchen's everyday needs, our Organic Premium Everyday is made for brightening your everyday meals, while our Organic Private Select is a must for anyone looking to elevate their culinary experience. 

Both our Organic Premium Everyday and Private Select are single-blend crafted with early harvest Memecik olives that are cold-pressed within hours of being hand-picked from the tree.

Enjoy our Organic Premium Everyday with seafood, meat, pastas, salads, grilled or stir-fry vegetables and desserts like cakes and ice cream. Best for heavy use cooking/ finishing/ dipping and baking.

Enjoy our Organic Private Select with pizza, pasta, seafood, chicken, meat and lamb, sautéed vegetables, cheeses and mezze spreads, and salads. A must for drizzling/ dipping/ finishing.

Our products are pure extra virgin olive oil and do not contain any nuts.

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